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How to create panorama in Photoshop CC

It is very easy almost all is done automatically by Photoshop. I am using Photoshop CC I know that Photoshop CS6 is able to do it as well.


Open Photoshop and locate Automate and Photomerge in menu:


Load all your files you want to merge. Leave Layout option set on Automatic. If you do no like result of merging try to choose some other option Perspective or something else:


Now you can see merged photographs all you need to do is crop the image:


This is result of merging, nice and seamless:

Now save your image and that is it.

Any questions feel free to ask in discussion bellow.

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Nikon D7200 vs Nikon D5300 worth upgrade ?


Here is unboxing video:

You are maybe about to buy you first camera and you do not know which DSLR you need or you are trying to decide between D5300 (or D5600) and Nikon D7200 ? I will try to help you decide in this blog post. I owned Nikon D5300 for over the year and made about 15k pictures now I moved on and bought Nikon D7200. I would like to share my experiences with D7200 and compare it to D5300.

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Lightroom Standalone or Lightroom Classic CC subscription ?

I was very happy user of standalone version of Adobe Lightroom 5.7 for almost year. Then I decided to buy Nikon D7200 and something unexpected happened. Lightroom couldn’t read my NEF files. I gave it a shot and tried to Google out how to upgrade RAW plugin in Lightroom 5.7 to read my NEF files but there is no way. Next option was to always convert my NEF files to DNG that way I could stay with LR 5.7. But this is really very inconvenient way to do it. I prefer when things are getting easier and workflow smoother not the other way round. What I could do was to either buy LR 6 standalone or go for subscription LR classic CC with many extras. Lets talk about it now.

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Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 DC EX DC OS vs kit lens Nikon 18-55mm f3.5 – 5.6 AFP worth upgrade ?

Hi, I am starting blog about photography, editing, techniques and this is my first blog post. Hope you will all enjoy it. I will try to be brief but give as much useful informations as possible. This is not review of Sigma 17-50 this are more my thoughts and feelings after buy.